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Our beautiful handmade crafts:
We created Creative Crafts Qld because we want to share our handmade crafts with you and also give you some ideas and tips in how to do things. One of our passion is creating things out of wood.babybook-animals wood crafts

creative crafts wooden autumn decoration, hedgehog, pumpkin and leave

On this site you will find beautiful handmade crafts like; toys for babies, books, mobiles and also other little things crafted out of wood such as magnets for your fridge, hanging decorations and more. Then we also have scrapbooking and other beautiful craft ideas, to inspire you.

Crafts you can buy:
You can also visit our online shop, where we offer some of our own handmade crafts.

Please be advised, that not all of our handmade products you find on this site are also up for sale, but if you see something you like, feel free to contact us per e-mail sandra@creativecraftsqld.com, we are taking orders.

Because we offer crafts for babies, all our woodcraft is made out of untreated plywood and MDF, and we only use water based acrylic paints and varnish with the “AP non-toxic” label on it. For more information about the “AP non-toxic” label, please visit our safety page.

Scrapbooking supplies:
Our passion is not only woodcraft but also scrapbooking, and that’s why we offer you a range of scrapbooking supplies as well, when you visit our shop you will find Embellishments, paper, cutouts, mini albums and more for all your paper craft.

We only just started Creative Crafts Qld this year, that means our site is still at the very beginning, so check in regularly to see what’s new.

We hope you enjoy browsing our pages as much as we enjoy making them. Have fun and enjoy.

Thank you for visiting Creative Crafts Qld!